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Purvee Kondal is a Senior Director at Globality, helping multinational companies connect with the world’s best service suppliers at the right price for each and every sourcing need.

Purvee is a seasoned executive with more than 15 years of experience leading transformational changes, most notably at organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Capgemini, General Electric, and Ross Stores. She helps companies identify value and improve efficiencies for Procurement, Sourcing, and Vendor Management functions through collaboration and partnerships.

She was recently nominated for “Transformation Leader of the Year” by the Women in IT Summit & Awards Series. Purvee holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from San Jose State University. 

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The adoption of blockchain technology can become the framework to solve supply chain issues from the point of origin of the raw materials to when it reaches end-of-life.
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Given the attention on Bitcoin, the underlying blockchain technology has been brought to the forefront for organizations looking to explore the benefits and feasibility of managing the supply chain. The level of trust, transparency, and efficiency promised by this technology opens the possibility of revolutionizing how we handle transactions.  

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What’s the biggest challenge in IT deal-making?

Understanding ownership of the process, and what role everyone is playing. This must be clear from the outset. Some organizations are not relationship-driven and rely on the top person, relegating the rest of the team to the sideline. This presents problems, because the team is only involved at the last minute, and by then, it’s too late for them to be effective.

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Most people in procurement are nowhere near using AI yet.  Why not?

Forward-thinking companies are deploying it to create competitive advantages now. According to Gartner, only about 7% of CIOs had AI identified as a priority in 2018, but by 2019, the number jumped to 40%. For Chief Procurement Officers, this number is likely smaller since many don’t realize that bringing AI to procurement can pay big – and fast – dividends, with very little investment. While...