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Tejas Thakur is Mumbai-based consultant at GEP, specializing in the logistics category, covering category management, market intelligence, opportunity assessment, spend analysis, strategic sourcing and contracts management.
Prior to joining GEP, Tejas was associated with Sutherland Global Services in the roles of Strategic and Marketing Consulting in the retail, food and beverages and home services sector, where he performed competitive landscape analysis.
Tejas holds an MBA from the Sydenham Institute of Management Studies (SIMSREE), Mumbai. Tejas completed his undergraduate education in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering at Thakur College of Engineering and Technology, Mumbai.
Twitter: @GEP_Worldwide 


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Well over 100 years ago, the gasoline powered internal combustion engine revolutionized the “modern” transportation industry. Back then, the term modern could be used for technologies like the linotype machine or the electric fan. Fast forward to today and we are standing on the brink of an innovation that is set to rewrite transportation, and in turn, the logistics Industry.  
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