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A.J. Hernandez is the CEO of SkyPostal Inc., the largest private mail and delivery network in Latin America. He has been in the international logistics industry since 1987. In 1992 he developed SkyBox, a B2C cross-border shopping service for Latin American shoppers. After selling SkyBox to Lan Airlines in 2001, he founded SkyPostal. SkyPostal quickly became a leading private mail and parcel delivery network in Latin America. A.J. is regarded as an industry expert on international cross-border e-commerce package delivery, especially in the complex Latin American market.

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Data is Key to Latin American E-Commerce Logistics
Jul 08, 2021    0

As has happened everywhere in the world, shopping and buying habits in Latin America have been profoundly affected by the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Once a laggard in e-commerce, it is now the fastest-growing regional e-commerce market in the world; last year, total retail e-commerce sales in Latin America grew 36.7%, to $84.95 billion.

Among the larger individual economies in the region, Argentina’s was the fastest-growing, with a retail e-commerce increase rate of 79%;...