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Apurva Nair is a Partner in Oliver Wyman’s Private Equity practice and is a leader in the post-deal value-creation team. He drives enterprise value by delivering tangible financial benefit to clients in accelerated time frames. He has a dual focus on driving the bottom line via strategic sourcing and transactional pricing, and organic top-line revenue growth via sales analytics.  Apurva’s experience spans private and public sector clients across the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia, and he brings these varied, well-informed perspectives to bear in his project delivery work.

Prior to joining Oliver Wyman, Apurva served as Partner and COO for a boutique firm with offices and operations in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Apurva has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, as well as Master’s degrees in Decision Theory/Statistics/Quantitative Modeling and in Engineering Management, both from Dartmouth.Apurva Nair is a partner at Oliver Wyman.

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