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Benjamin Duffy is a Senior Analyst at Source One, a Corcentric Company. Working in Source One’s Procurement Technology Advisory, he works hand-in-hand with clients to identify opportunities to leverage technology, select the best-fit solution for their organization, and implement the technology to achieve their business objectives.

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Mar 23, 2019    0
Before getting into the topic, write down two things: 1) Your high-level definition of the term ‘spend under management,’ and using that definition 2) What percentage of your company/organization’s spend would you estimate is under management? Once you answer those, read on… 
A common statistic most heads of procurement track and report on is their ‘spend under management.’ If you ask them, most can tell you a specific...
Dec 27, 2018    0
Though slight variations are inevitable, most procurement organizations follow a familiar process for selecting and implementing their tools. Generally, it looks something like this.  
  • They decide they need a new procurement solution.
  • They conduct research and begin to engage with appealing providers.
  • They create and distribute an RFP.
  • ...