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Brian Kyle is the Vice President of Supply Chain and Account Payable for the American Cancer Society.  With a deep investment in helping to end cancer as a major health problem, he joined ACS in 2014.  At ACS, he has led initiatives to implement best-in-class Source-to-Pay systems, operationalize strategic category management and lead change management activities across ACS related to enterprise-wise systems and processes from CRM to P2P.  Prior to joining ACS, he spent 12+ years at Siemens, where he held numerous international leadership positions, including Head of Real Estate Procurement Americas and, while living in Beijing, Manager of Asian Procurement.
Leading ACS Supply Chain is well-suited to Brian’s passion for developing teams and continuous improvement. Brian focuses on cultivating employee talent to increase staff confidence and ability to lead teams and projects.  The group is focused on managing supply chain risks, optimizing costs, strengthening supplier relationships, driving innovation, and enhancing revenue. 
Brian and his family live in one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods, Candler Park, along with their 2 cats and dog.  Brian enjoys music, reading, creating glass mosaic art, hiking and camping.

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