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Curtis Van Buskirk is the Vice President of Operations, Southern California for ABM. Curtis joined ABM in June 2005 as a regional accountant and has since successfully held a number of management positions for the company. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Brandman University at Chapman University and a Bachelor of Arts in economics from the Department of Economics at the University of California Irvine. For more information about ABM, go to

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For facility managers interested in outsourcing, a facility services partner can bring the right mix of expertise, scalability, and network of advanced resources and equipment.
Dec 06, 2021    0

Most everyone relies on daily performance indicators to measure the quality of tools and assets, from large-scale business KPIs such as monthly foot traffic to the personal performance results like the battery life of headphones. While the wrong outcome can be frustrating in any scenario, weak performance in a facility can diminish critical ROI.

It is not difficult to establish and track the indicators of assets and resources that reflect a property’s success. In fact, it is...