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As the co-founder and CEO of Fictiv, Dave Evans has been working to inject agility into manufacturing since 2013. Fictiv offers manufacturing agility and speed through a portfolio of optimized manufacturing processes for hardware companies of all sizes. To date, Fictiv has raised $58M through Series C from Bill Gates, Intel, and Accel. He’s an innovative entrepreneur featured on TechCrunch, Inc. and named on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list. Prior to Fictiv, Dave was the first hire at Ford’s Silicon Valley Lab. Dave graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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Digital manufacturing ecosystems (DMEs) are an effective alternative to building transparency from scratch.
Oct 11, 2020    0

Transparency is the lifeblood of modern business transactions. From real-time international wire transfers and electronic health records to tracking transportation or delivery options, digital transformation has revolutionized dozens of industries by unlocking greater visibility, speed, and efficiency.

Supply chain managers and manufacturers have habitually been slow to the digital transformation and transparency movement but are beginning to rapidly make up ground. This transition...