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David Arthur is Vice President and Head of Global Enterprise Sales and Business Development at ABBYY. His leadership style encompasses his comprehensive experience with consulting, direct and channel-based sales, business development, and technical skills. His focus is on outsourcing/BPO, business process automation, data and document capture, analysts, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, finance and accounting, and the systems they rely on to make enterprises operate efficiently. He is trilingual in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and played competitive sports at the highest level which instilled in him to continuously strive to improve and reach higher goals for himself and his teams.

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Apr 29, 2019    0
Business process outsourcing (BPO) organizations are in a unique position to move clients into the digital age and address the ever-changing demands of their industry. BPOs implement a mix of technologies to improve processes and provide unimagined ways to enhance the work environment, customer interactions and the way they do business. 
A key piece of digital transformation is the ability to bring together an intuitive understanding of content and...