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Derk Erbé is Research Vice President, Supply Chain, Procurement and Energy at HfS Research. Derk is responsible for a compelling, leading-edge research agenda covering the core topics of interest for buyer and vendor communities in the areas of digital business transformation services and business operations, with a specific emphasis on key vertical markets, namely energy, utilities and resource industries.  
Throughout his career Derk has had a wide variety of leadership, consultancy and advisory roles with an emphasis on business processes, operations, enterprise architecture, change management and crisis management. He was a management consultant and interim manager at energy companies such as RWE/Essent and a natural gas giant, NGO's, government agencies, tech startups, large technology vendors and service providers. 
Derk holds a Master of Science in Sociology from the University of Amsterdam.  If he is not cooking up plans for clients he likes to be in an actual kitchen. With a curious mind, he likes to get his head around complex stuff. When the realization sank in that his talent and height weren't leading to the NBA he became a passive basketball connoisseur. 
When Derk is not travelling, business or pleasure, he resides near Amsterdam, the Netherlands with his wife and two sons.

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