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Dominic Irvine, is the founding partner of management and leadership consultancy, Epiphanies LLP. With his colleagues, Dominic has grown the practice from developing executives using coaching, to the design and facilitation of international conferences, culture change and leadership development for multinational blue chip companies across the globe. Dominic is also a record-breaking ultra-distance cyclist and in 2018 competed in the Tour Divide cycling challenge, a self-supported mountain bike race, which goes from the border of the USA and Mexico to Banff in Canada – a total of 2,750 miles.

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May 15, 2019    0
Thinking. You don’t often see it in people’s diaries, but based on recent interviews with 50 senior managers, perhaps it should be, as the common theme that emerged is a daily struggle to find the time to think and plan. Staying so busy trying to keep on top of everything, these leaders reported losing sight of what they were trying to achieve and the bigger picture of why these things needed to be done. The paradox is that the more senior you are,...