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After years of practice in one of Silicon Valley's leading law firms, Hannah Genton co-founded CGL-LLP, a fully distributed transactional law firm focused on providing quality services to our clients and great work-life balance to its attorneys.

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Contract Provisions for ESG in Your Supply Chain
Jul 02, 2021    0

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are becoming increasingly important in supply chains. Consumers are demanding more transparency and better practices than ever before. Meanwhile, millennials are putting their money where their mouths are and increasingly investing in companies that align with...

3 Contract Negotiation Strategies to Reduce Supply Chain Risk
May 29, 2021    0

Businesses around the globe recognize that there is a new normal for supply chain risk management. The pandemic’s impact on global supply chains exposed vulnerabilities, created opportunities, and made embedding resiliency and agility into supply chains non-negotiable.

To weather future crises, supply chain leaders are placing procurement processes under a microscope. Your supply chain contracts should also be reviewed and, where possible, renegotiated to minimize risk. To do...

5 Tips to Write Supply Chain Contracts for Diverse Suppliers
Apr 29, 2021    0

Supply chains that take advantage of diverse suppliers are often cited as being more agile, resilient, innovative, and sustainable. They are credited for promoting consumer...