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James Simmons has spent over 20 years in the contingent labor industry covering staffing, VMS, MSP and Direct Sourcing.  He has held various management positions with large global staffing firms, founded two companies including one focused on Direct Sourcing and has worked in the VMS space for a leading provider.  He is currently working in the Enterprise Solutions organization for Yoh, focused on MSP and Direct Sourcing initiatives.

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Dec 10, 2019    0
If you attended events like CWS this year, you could not help but be involved in discussions and breakout sessions dealing with Total Talent Management (TTM). What started as a simple idea that could revolutionize the staffing landscape, has progressed into complicated programs and expensive "add-on" solutions being offered by some Managed Staffing Providers (MSP). 
As ideas and components of the program have evolved,...