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Jim Bureau is CEO of JAGGAER.  Jim is responsible for advancing the company’s Autonomous Commerce vision, a self-governing B2B commerce experience between buyers, suppliers, internet of things (IoT) and partners, and to transcend customer experience by providing intuitive and intelligent spend management solutions. Jim brings over 25 years of leadership experience, with his most recent role as Executive Vice President, leading JAGGAER’s Global Sales & Marketing initiatives.


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The New Age CPO: Jim Bureau
Feb 03, 2023    0
1. For the longest time, procurement was measured on cost savings, but now contract management and supplier relationship management are rising priorities. How can organizations drive success in these areas?
The goal of supplier relationship management (SRM) is to establish long-lasting partnerships with strategic suppliers to drive the best possible outcomes for both parties. A key to success is actively reducing friction across your own processes and...
Reclaiming Value with Strategic Contract Lifecycle Management
Jul 09, 2021    0

Poor contract management costs businesses up to 9% percent of their annual revenues.  Contracts determine the flow of an organization’s finances and directly impact customer satisfaction, savings, risk exposure and productivity. However, organizations can have thousands of working contracts at any given time—each with their...

There’s no doubt 2021 will be a pivotal year for every business. As we think about what’s next for the procurement function, let’s first appreciate how far we’ve come.
Jan 05, 2021    0

Twenty-five years ago, the internet was in its dial-up infancy, businesses still relied on fax machines and procurement was considered solely a back-office, cost-cutting function that controlled the organization’s purse strings.

But times have certainly changed. This past year alone has proven procurement plays a key role in organizational resilience. Due to COVID-19, teams have had to navigate some of the most widespread and severe supply disruptions and cash issues we’...