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Julien Nadaud is the Chief Product Officer, Determine and SVP of Innovation, Corcentric. Julien's focus is to bring teams and innovative technologies together to build a global industry leader in strategic sourcing, supplier management, procure-to-pay and contract management. A global specialist in eProcurement and spend management, he has an impressive career of industry innovations, having implemented more than 100 projects worldwide.

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Indirect Spend
May 04, 2020    0

Procurement is famous for our terminology – it is perhaps the one area where we’ve mastered the fine art of marketing. The labels "direct" and "indirect" spend are a perfect example. Direct spend materials are eventually sold to the customer, and therefore they are essential. Very important. The management of direct spend determines the size and health of the corporate top line. As a result, procurement may or may not have access to manage direct spend...

Nov 25, 2019    0
Success is not about procurement getting the upper hand; in fact, it might be about giving it up! Such a statement could raise the eyebrows of people pursuing success. It’s true that all corporate functions want more influence — but the secret lies in how they go about pursuing and leveraging that influence. 
For instance, for procurement managers to maximize the value from every contract, they must work with the best and most influential...
Is it time for an eSourcing solution functionality reality check?
Oct 04, 2019    0
As a rule of thumb, there is a list of 10 questions that every procurement team should ask at all solution provider demos. Some of them you’d probably expect, like questions about integration and the administration of configuration settings. Others you might not have thought of, for instance asking to what degree the company “takes their own medicine” by using the technology themselves. 
This list of questions is based on experience in...