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Laura Gibbons is a Senior Research Director at The Hackett Group.

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How Digital World-Class Procurement Organizations Outperform Peers
Sep 05, 2021    0

The best-performing procurement organizations traditionally operate at a lower cost than typical procurement organizations (i.e., peers), while also providing greater strategic value and overall effectiveness.

According to The Hackett Group’s latest Digital World-Class Procurement Research, the cost gap between the world class and peers has widened slightly over the past decade. But in 2021, a new bar...

The 10 most critical actions and accomplishments for chief procurement officers.
Mar 09, 2021    0

According to The Hackett Group’s 2021 Procurement Key Issues Study, the 2020 crisis continues to shape the 2021 procurement agenda. Unprecedented business disruption forced procurement organizations to refocus on supporting critical business operations and harnessing the value from supplier relationships, resulting in a pivot toward supply assurance and spend cost control.

In 2021, spend cost reduction remains the top priority for the procurement agenda and procurement must...