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Lara Hodgson is the co-founder of Now®, a B2B company enabling businesses to grow fearlessly through accelerated invoice payments via NowAccount®. Lara has served as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Harvard Business School and is co-author of “Level Up: Rise Above the Hidden Forces Holding Your Business Back” with Stacey Abrams and Heather Cabot (February 2022).


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Procurement officers have an important role in helping minority-owned suppliers overcome barriers to accessing contracts through smart risk management policies.
Jul 29, 2022    0

Over the past few years, large enterprises have made incremental progress toward a more diverse supplier ecosystem, but we’re still not there. A recent survey of 100 large global companies by The Hackett Group found these companies intend to increase spending on diverse suppliers by over 50% during the next three years. While these commitments are...