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Linda Tuck Chapman is a leading expert in third-party risk management. As one of the first Chief Procurement Officers and Head of Third-Party Risk Management in the financial services sector, Linda helped create best practices in strategic sourcing and high-impact third-party risk management. Today Linda leads Ontala Performance Solutions and Third-Party Risk Institute. A strategic advisor, relatable educator, and published author, Linda’s clients and global network benefit from her experience, expertise and thought leadership. 

Linda’s best-selling book “Third-Party Risk Management: Driving Enterprise Value” in its second edition is mandatory reading for “Certified Third-Party Risk Management Professional (C3PRMP)” program, a program she authored, available through SIG University. C3PRMP is certified for 66 CPE credits (NASBA) and 20 CPD credits (GARP). You can reach her at

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Third Party and Supply Chain Risk Management
May 12, 2021    0

The worldwide crisis made us hyper-aware that trust-worthy relationships are vital. Effective third-party risk management is the best way to gain assurance that responses and decisions are risk-informed. Managing third-party relationships, calibrated for criticality and risks, has never been more critical. This is the most reliable path to strengthen business...

Jan 10, 2019    0
Tell us about your career path. How did you get into this field? Was it purposeful or by accident? 
I’ve been very fortunate to have a truly satisfying and rewarding career. My work is intellectually stimulating, relies on a broad range of expertise, experience, and skills, and signed me up for lifelong learning. When I found this profession, I found my passion …. and never looked back.  
Although it...
Jun 27, 2018    0

Third-party risk management is worth doing well—not only to protect your institution’s reputation, resources, and customers, but also because third-party risk management is part of safety and soundness exams. The effectiveness of a third-party risk management program is seen as an indicator of overall management capabilities. The design of third-party risk programs varies across institutions. 

There can be differences in:

  1. tone from the top
  2. ...
May 12, 2018    0

Members of RMA’s Third-Party Risk Management Round Table are experienced leader-practitioners, individually and collectively creating emerging best practices in third-party risk management. As the round table’s facilitator, subject matter expert, and member of the Steering Committee, it’s exciting and rewarding for me to be integral to this evolution.