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Nikhil Parva is a former consultant from a global professional services firm. He's passionate about procurement transformation and delivering value in the area of Contingent Workforce Management, Supplier Relationship Management and Source to Pay. He has a proven track record in designing and executing complex programs that generate cost savings, process improvement, and stakeholder satisfaction. As a recognized thought leader, Nikhilenjoy's building high-performing teams, fostering strong stakeholder relationships, and sharing his insights and learnings with the industry. 

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OKR Effect: The Secret Ingredient in Next-Level Procurement Strategy
Jan 04, 2024    0
In the grand theater of the corporate world, imagine an orchestra in progress, with the musicians responding to the movement of the conductor's baton with grace and precision to create a perfect symphony. Much like a masterful orchestra, each musician has a defined role with distinct beginning and an end. A 'Trust contract' enables the musicians and the conductor...
Nov 04, 2023    0
In the face of today's economic challenges and unpredictable market landscape, the utilization of flexible workforce has become an essential strategy for organizations around the globe. The flex workforce, encompassing Contractors, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and 1099 resources, offers a distinctive advantage, enabling companies to augment human resources without binding themselves to long-term retention commitments....