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As EVP at Proxima, Simon is responsible for products, solutions and marketing. He views his role as understanding the challenges that current and prospective clients face and then calibrates Proxima solutions to solve them.

He creates opportunities for presenting Proxima in different markets, showcasing what they do and how they discuss it. He also serves as a regular writer and speaker on all things procurement, digital and change orientated.  He’s spent over a decade working in solutions, designing hundreds of commercial programs across a variety of sectors and multiple geographies. His network spans hundreds of suppliers, business leaders and procurement professionals.

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How Procurement Can Respond to Inflation and Volatility
Sep 14, 2021    0

Inflation is a word that has been on the minds of every procurement team in 2021. We are seeing a sustained period of supply shortages and price volatility of the kind that most commercial professionals will not have experienced in their working lives. In one way or another, it is having an impact on virtually every business.

The causes and the severity of inflation are complex. Much of the origin comes back to either COVID or climate impacting the availability of raw materials,...

Four Considerations to Create and Maintain Sustainable Procurement Practices
Aug 23, 2021    0

With 80% of an organization’s sustainability impact intertwined in its supply chain, businesses will need to identify where they can work with suppliers to realize their corporate purpose ambitions. On average, over 90% of an organization’s carbon footprint sits in “scope 3,” mainly in its supply chain and product lifecycle. Defer that logic across the wider scope of business initiatives, and you uncover a better understanding of where most sustainability lies.