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Internationally recognized security thought leader Stel Valavanis leads a team of cybersecurity’s most trusted experts as CEO and Founder of onShore Security. The Chicago-headquartered managed security firm is relied upon by top-tier organizations across a variety of highly regulated and information sensitive sectors including financial services, healthcare, government, global construction and manufacturing.

Valavanis is a member of Chicago Arch Angels and is an investor in a number of early-stage tech companies. He currently sits on the board of several leading nonprofits including the ACLU of Illinois where he advises on digital privacy. Valavanis is also an active alumnus of the University of Chicago. A fast-growing industry leader, onShore Security, was founded in 1991 as an extension of Stel’s personal passion for keeping organizations secure as they work toward their most ambitious goals amidst the dynamic backdrop of today’s increasingly dangerous and complex digital world.

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Predicting the future may sometimes seem an impossible task, especially given the speed with which our world and the world of cybersecurity changes, but there are already signs of two major shifts coming in 2022 that you need to have on your radar.

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Prominent cybersecurity firms such as Microsoft and FireEye were victims of the SolarWinds attack and also the first to identify it.
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Detecting the SolarWinds Hack

The cybersecurity world has been overtaken with concern over a state-sponsored cyberattack perpetrated by Russian intelligence agents against multiple federal agencies, including those responsible for our nuclear stockpile. Prominent cybersecurity firms such as Microsoft and FireEye, who were also victims of the attack, were the first to identify it. 

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