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Steve Levine, CMO of Cortical.iobrings extensive marketing and sales experience to his role. Most recently, he led marketing for Civic Connect, a GovTech startup. He has consulted for a number of cybersecurity companies including Flashpoint, RiskSense, Qualys & Panda Security. Previously, Steve was Chief Marketing Officer at publicly-traded Edgar-Online and financial services startup UB matrix. Steve has held VP of Marketing positions at Oracle, Cassatt, Ketera and Arcot. While at Oracle, he led Oracle’s first global e-commerce marketing campaign. Steve also brings a sales perspective having held business development and sales roles at Tektronix and ParcPlace Systems. Steve has a B.S. Computer Science from Southern Methodist University.


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Technological advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help companies overcome the many challenges in dealing with large collections of legal documents and contracts.
Mar 04, 2021    0

Contracting, common for every company, is something that few companies do efficiently or effectively. The process of reviewing contracts and legal documents is manual, tedious and error-prone, exposing organizations to legal risks if not well managed. The financial consequences can also be severe. KPMG estimates that inefficient contracting causes firms to lose up to 40 percent...