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Sydney Wess is an editorial associate supporting supply chain content and research for Clutch.

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Circular Economy
Jan 29, 2021    0

The concept behind a circular economy is simple: minimize waste by reusing, sharing and repairing goods that are already in use. That allows items to remain in the economic system, preventing the need for as many new products to be introduced.

This results in a closed loop. New resources aren’t being used, so energy is conserved.

In recent years, the rise of the circular economy is most significant in the fashion industry and supply chain. For instance, companies such as...

Supply Chain Sustainability
Jun 25, 2020    0

When considering sustainability in the supply chain, the first concepts that typically come to mind are solutions like green warehouse space or fuel-efficient trucks.

Sustainability in the supply chain extends much further than that. In retail, for instance, the clothing and fashion industry have the opportunity to progress through building a more sustainable approach.

The current clothing retail climate is somewhat dominated by fast fashion, a practice of mass-producing...