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Tavleen Kaur is a Research Manager at The Smart Cube where she has worked for the last six years having started as an analyst, subsequently moving on to cover more senior roles over the years. She is responsible for managing end-to-end delivery of procurement-specific projects across the retail and CPG sectors. She also assists clients in strategic sourcing decisions through detailed industry analysis/strategic business consulting, supplier contract negotiation tactics, supplier assessment and benchmarking, category plan development and competitive intelligence.
Twitter: @TSCinsights

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Sep 17, 2018    0
Managing relationships with suppliers is one of the most challenging parts of the procurement and supply chain process. If not done correctly it can be costly and risky. However, these risks and inefficiencies can be avoided by applying best practices and technologies. Here we provide some tips to help businesses get this right.  
Let’s look into the key factors that an organisation needs to focus on for an effective supplier relationship...