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As Chief Procurement Officer of Bayer, Thomas leads the company's dynamic procurement organization that aims to be next-in-class in business partnering, category management, supplier management and digital processes. Thomas is the Co-Founder of The Sustainable Procurement Pledge as he is a firm believer that our prime responsibility is to leave our home, our ONE planet, in the same condition as it was entrusted us. It is his view that procurement is mission critical to ensure sustainable supply chains, so he's passionate about making sure that we leave the right legacy. 

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Procurement Is the Ultimate Guardian of Responsible Supply Chains
Jan 27, 2020    0

Imagine a world where all people thrive within the environmental boundaries of our planet. Picture a planet where the immediate threat of climate disaster has been avoided and where global businesses have evolved their business models to support a responsible and low-carbon economy.

Whilst is seems a bit far-fetched looking at today’s realities, we fundamentally believe this world vision is possible and millions of procurement professionals worldwide are mission-critical in...