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Uri Haramati is co-founder and CEO of Torii, whose automated SaaS management platform helps modern IT drive businesses forward by making the best use of SaaS. A serial entrepreneur, Uri has founded several successful startups including Life on Air, the parent company behind popular apps such as Meerkat and Houseparty. He also started Skedook, an event discovery app. Uri is passionate about innovating technology that solves complex challenges and creates new opportunities.

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3 Ways Procurement Can Become the Go-To Strategic Partner for Spend Management
Dec 21, 2022    0
There’s no denying that cloud-based applications have changed the way tech stacks ebb and flow. Now that individuals are able to go straight to the source and purchase a new app in a matter of clicks, traditional sourcing and procurement processes have all but gone out the window. 
If distributed adoption and app ownership aren’t properly managed, the connection between the source, i.e., the...