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Andrew Morrison is President, Large Enterprise Operations, Europe at Xerox.

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Jul 21, 2016    0

It’s 2016 and we have digital technology at our fingertips, yet few bank accounts can be opened without printing and signing a paper form. A student can’t get their exam results until an examiner manually crosses and marks their paper. Our reliance on paper runs deep and many business workflows continue to bear the “paper weight” burden.

In a business setting, the paper weight counteracts efforts to automate, ensuring efficiencies and savings. Automation...

Mar 24, 2016    0

We know that digital processes create leaner, more agile operations, not to mention financial and time savings. So why are so many businesses still unable to part with the millions of pieces of paper which are printed across the globe each year, despite the fact that the majority of this paper will be used once, then thrown or filed away?

The latest findings from Xerox’s ...