What employers really expect in an Applicant Tracking System

Posted: 04/07/2016 - 11:31

The fact that an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) makes work easier for you cannot be overemphasised. However, some HR executives do not even know that ATSs exist. Instead of screening candidates using outdated or ineffective approaches, invest in modern methods such as cloud-based recruiting software. The following are features of ATS software that you should consider.

Company profile
Do not just trust software vendors who claim that their products are ideal for your company profile. Instead, find out the truth from independent reviews. At the same time, discover details from companies similar to yours in terms of needs and size. Ensure that the product meets three company profiles: staffing agencies, enterprise and small/medium businesses.

Ease of use
You do not want to invest in an ATS that is complicated to use. Instead, obtain one that will require the least training for you to utilise. To save resources, ensure that it is easy to install, use and maintain. You should be able to utilise and maintain it without outsourcing experts.

Candidate experience
The last thing you want is losing candidates because of a nasty user experience. Invest in an ATS system that is accessible after just a few clicks and fast navigation. This way, candidates will spend more time on your site while enjoying the great experience.

Social networking/job posting
Let the system vendor take you through his job posting and social networking capabilities. In the recent past, ATS developers have improved social networking functionalities, and you can take advantage of the increased candidate visibility. Discover the social media networks that individual vendors have access to.

Search and matching
Even in this advanced digital age, some ATS still have poor search capabilities. Therefore, window-shop for ATS applications with quick searches, accuracy and logical relaying of results. For example, perform searches from multiple places to know the actual functioning of the system.

Customer support
Customer support is perhaps the most important feature of any IT tool. This is because you need assistance with common problems such as downtime and usability. Let the vendor guarantee a valuable 24/7 support, as some issues can cripple your organisation.

Look at the reporting tool of the ATS to learn what it reports on. Learn if you have to pay each time you have to make a standard report and how long a custom report takes. Ensure there is information at a minimum for diversity, source of hire and time-to-fill.

The cloud vs. IT
Do you want the vendor to update and maintain the system? Do you wish your IT department to do the work? There are pros and cons in both decisions. Know that you need a dedicated IT department to run the system without errors.

Financial viability
Find out as much data as possible about the system’s financial viability, revenue and the number of years that they have been in business. The last thing you want is a vendor going bankrupt and being unable to offer valuable customer support.

Easy integration
Any business that needs an ATS system needs smooth integration from the traditional approaches to the IT and cloud-based applications. This includes integrating with the website and/or social media platforms.

Legal compliance
To avoid getting into trouble with the law, ensure you invest in a system that complies with industry regulations and standards. For this reason, ensure you do not evade paying taxes that the government requires you to pay.

You can easily lose opportunities and scare away users if the system for screening candidates is slow. Therefore, it is imperative to first learn of the system’s speed before actually buying it. Know where the servers of the vendor are located.

Internal candidate portal
Let the system have an attractive and intuitive internal portal where your employees can gain access. For example, you can have jobs and vacancies posted in a platform where only internal members of staffs can see.

Employee referral portal
Let employees be able to refer their friends to the system. This is especially important for customers of an enterprise. It is also important to know the internal staff that referred a friend to the system.

Ownership of data
You need to be in sole ownership of data. After all, you may need to change vendors in the future. Additionally, know how you can download data in a format that is easy to understand. Conduct enough research from independent references before settling for any ATS vendor.


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