Don’t Outsource Your Processes, Outsource Your Results

Posted: 01/04/2022 - 00:00
Achieve the ultimate win-win scenario with your suppliers, drive out cost and increase value.

Having sold more than $980 million in outsourcing deals in my career and having played a key role in structuring more than $22 billion in outsourcing deals across every industry and virtually every process, it seems the more things change, the more they remain the same. 

I won’t add to the dizzying array of endless terms Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies develop to differentiate their offerings, but in this article I’d like to discuss some of the commonalities across all of them.

Beyond Buzzwords: Embarking on the Quality 4.0 Transformation Journey

Posted: 12/29/2021 - 09:00
Embarking on the Quality 4.0 Transformation Journey

While previous industrial revolutions relied on developments in steam machines, electricity and telecommunications, the fourth industrial revolution is powered by big data, advanced manufacturing techniques, cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. As the fourth industrial has risen, so too has the notion of Quality 4.0, a term recently coined to refer to the shifts in performance excellence we’re seeing in today’s age of digital transformation.

The Mindset Required for Sustainable Supply Chains

Posted: 12/20/2021 - 00:00
If a purchased good is not sustainable, then waste, or money for that matter, is left on the table.

Supply chain and sustainability are two sides of the same coin. A standard teaching practice within supply chain is “lean thinking” that advocates for minimalist, one-piece flow to the tune of an ever-present waste reduction drumbeat. Unfortunately, this drumbeat isn’t always heard. The prevalence of waste in far-reaching corners of supply chains is in large part due to the sheer global scale of many manufacturers.

The Technologies Driving ESG-focused Supply Chains

Posted: 12/15/2021 - 00:00
The supply chain is increasingly considered to be one of the most impactful components of a company’s sustainability efforts.

Over the past year I’ve had the chance to speak to a variety of senior business and sustainability leaders about supply chain topics and their implications on a range of ESG issues. What is apparent from these conversations is that the supply chain is increasingly considered to be one of the most impactful components of a company’s sustainability efforts.

Procurement’s Increasing CSR Role

Posted: 12/14/2021 - 01:44
Procurement can impact corporate social responsibility efforts, support supplier stewardship and increase diversity initiatives all through day-to-day operations.

Traditionally thought of as just being responsible for dollars and cents, the function of today’s procurement team goes much further than purchasing supplies needed to run an organization’s day-to-day operations. Beyond managing the entire supply chain process, their responsibilities have expanded in the wake of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movement.

The Key to Mitigating Disruptions: Sourcing with Clean Data

Posted: 12/08/2021 - 00:00
Poor contingency planning is only one sign of low-quality supplier data harming your business.

Most people who have used any sort of business software offhandedly consider the importance of maintaining quality data, but few make it a priority. Too often in my world, organizations will meticulously enter supplier information into a spreadsheet and dust off their hands. They see ongoing data quality as a difficult to achieve “nice-to-have,” accept the risk of bad data, and carry on with other business demands, fingers crossed. Not everyone realizes, however, the magnitude of that risk, especially around supplier data.


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