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Ashutosh (Ash) Agarwal has been in the field of IT outsourcing for over two decades. He brings immense experience in the field of sales, consulting and delivery of outsourced IT services. Ash is also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. He has worked in various geographies including North America, UK and India. Ash spent first half of his career selling networking products, enterprise network solutions, and data center services. He has a good understanding of various enterprise technologies in this space. As a natural progression from sales, he worked in Product Management function for few years responsible for telecom and network management software products in both domestic and global markets. In the last decade Ash has worked with large service providers like TCS and IBM in account management and delivery leadership roles. He has expertise in planning, setting up and running global delivery centers. Based out of US he led a very large global outsourcing program which came out of a troubled transition. Over the years, across the organizations he has worked for, he has earned the reputation of a turnaround guy specializing in recovering troubled programs. He has worked with companies like IBM, TCS, Zoho and HCL in his corporate stints. In 2014, he co-founded Catacient Consulting which helps enterprises get better grip of offshore leveraged outsourcing programs by enabling an on-demand offshore collaboration management office to locally engage with offshore delivery teams. In his spare time he is into long distance running and likes to go for at least one Himalayan trek every year. He can be reached through this LinkedIn page at

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Nov 03, 2018    0
A business “consumes” IT through the applications it uses and insights derived from the data processed by those applications. IT essentially strives to provide a stronger decision support system to help the company make the right decisions at the right time to make more profits. Simple...yes? 
While this summarizes at a very high level what happens between IT and business, there’s a lot that happens in between. So much so that IT needs a...
Sep 15, 2018    0
In the last few years, with the growing hype around automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, there has been a feverish pace of activities in the IT outsourcing space on both sides of the table from enterprises and service providers. There’s also action happening in the middle of the table with the product vendors and on the outskirts with the analysts and...
How do you smoothly transfer knowledge during an outsourcing project?
Jun 28, 2018    0

Any Chief Information Officer (CIO) who has gone through at least one round of outsourcing will agree that one of the most understated levers for success of outsourcing programs is around the efficacy of...

Adjusting to IT Outsourcing is a process.
May 25, 2018    0

The last few years have triggered dramatic changes in the way IT outsourcing arrangements have been made by enterprises. As expected, some of the changes are taking time before they become center stage. In addition, some of the triggers did not live past their hype and fizzled out before they could deliver the promised value sought by enterprises.

While several triggers have endured and driven...

Jun 24, 2017    0

Almost every week in the last few months someone has asked me about the general mood on the streets of Bangalore. What are the IT professionals in the Silicon Valley of East making of the changes in the industry? How is the senior management of offshore headquartered service providers preparing for the future? While there are several versions of the predicted future, everyone agrees that this is a watershed moment in the evolution of the IT outsourcing and offshoring industry.


Feb 14, 2017    0

Over the last two decades I have had the opportunity to work with some of the largest (as well as mid-sized) enterprises who had outsourced their IT work to offshore based teams. The offshore teams themselves were either part of service providers who were domestic companies out of North America/Europe, or part of providers who were headquartered out of India (with largely a sales presence in North America/Europe). This coupled with the experience of working in service provider organisations...

Nov 04, 2016    0

Not too long back, many global IT service providers were known to move delivery of IT services of their clients to offshore locations (like South Africa, Latin America or India) without informing their clients. This was seen as an internal lever to make customer contracts more profitable in a multi-year deal as services were first stabilised in a high-cost onshore delivery location before being shipped to an offshore location. With maturing client awareness, most contracts today include...

Mar 12, 2016    0

While there is a lot of focus and discussion on how to outsource the right way and bring business value, a very common mistake many companies make is around ignoring how outsourced services are orchestrated with the functions of the retained organisation(s) to provide business with a seamless “IT experience”.

Organisations retain specific IT functions for a good reason. There’s the core vs non-core aspect, and then some functions require specialised skills that are...