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Amanda has built a career over the last 15 years focused on implementing innovative solutions to procurement organizations and has a passion for coaching organizations through large-scale transformations. In her recent role at MGM, she was responsible for implementing and sustaining new, best-in-class sourcing programs and for leading the source-through-pay transformation. Before joining MGM, Amanda served as Associate Director at the Kraft-Heinz Company, where she led the simplification of processes, focusing on cost reduction strategies, supplier development, and technology enhancements. Prior to that, Amanda held various procurement roles within the CPG industry. She also is the author of “Procurement Unstuck,” a blog related to procurement and source-through-pay issues. She serves on the ISM Conference Leadership Board and is the Founding Chairman of the ISM Thought Leadership Council.   
She is now the President of High Performance Procurement (HPP).  HPP is the leading provider of Supplier Development Programs helping CPOs increase the reliability, sustainability, and scalability of the small and medium-sized businesses within their supply chains. By working directly with suppliers, HPP helps install systems and processes that give these important businesses the tools to grow and adapt as the needs of their large corporate partners change. Whether the supplier has 25, 50 or 500 employees, HPP establishes business practices that ensure growing operational and financial success with limited investment on the part of the CPO.

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Procurement in 2020
Apr 10, 2020    0

A new year and a new decade brings about the end and the beginning of many things. Hopefully the new decade brings an end to the angry woman and cat meme as well as the retirement of the man bun (sorry, it’s not my style). All kidding aside, the new decade brings hope, a chance to renew, a time to reflect and an opportunity to leave the past in the past.    

It is hard to imagine what 2030 will look like and even harder to imagine the amount of change supply...

3 Strategies for Trusted Supplier Relationships
Mar 02, 2020    0

I recently attended a conference hosted by a supplier that dedicated the entire day to customer feedback on the supplier’s technology offerings and overall services. While many sessions like this take place all over the world, specific nuances about this conference stood out to me. 

  • There were no sales. Typically at events like this, certain agenda items or conversations highlight all the wonderful things the supplier is doing to promote and...
Millions of Choices
Jan 29, 2020    0

Welcome to the new decade and new year. This is when we set big lofty goals to accomplish changes in our lives and careers. Unfortunately, we often set these goals and they remain as just that — goals. They stay in our heads, in our journals or in our hearts. Commonly, at this time of year, we also tend to feel many regrets that another year passed and we are still nowhere closer to our goals or, worst case, even farther away.

To quote one of my all-time favorite songs:

How Relating is More Powerful than Competing
Nov 30, 2019    0
Traditionally, Procurement has been asked to compete in intense negotiations that drive the lowest price on contracts to receive the most favorable terms, whereas sales organizations are taught to fight back. Time and time again, Procurement and sales go through knock-out rounds.   
Contrast this to the expectation of Procurement professionals today and in the future, in which we are asked to build strategic value and become more relationship focused...
Leading in a Detached World
Nov 12, 2019    0
Technology is great isn’t it? It allows us to interact with people from around the globe, to share ideas and instantly know the news of the day. It automates processes and allows for more value-added work to occur. However, it also keeps us from talking to the person seated next to us on the plane and creates the ability to hide behind Instagram photos when there is pain, sorrow or simply a need for someone to talk to. How often do we opt for a text message over calling because it...
Aug 22, 2019    0
Everyone is talking about change. Transformation. Millennials. Digital. Continuous Improvement. There are likely many more words that are tossed around to explain the change everyone is either experiencing or are being told we need to do. A lot of time and effort has been spent on transforming procurement – but what about the change occurring within your supply base? 
The small, medium and even large suppliers in your supply chain are changing in...
Jul 19, 2019    0

Tell us about your career path. How did you get into this field? Was it purposeful or by accident?   

I majored in International Political Economics and French in university. Late in my junior year, I started wondering what I could do with such a major, knowing that I wanted to focus on business.  So, I started looking through a booklet that my major provided. It was listed alphabetically. I worked through the As and most of the Bs and then...
Jul 05, 2019    0
Procurement is being presented with a good problem to have. Within most organizations, most categories have been sourced many times. However, procurement is still being asked to deliver incremental value to the companies they support and are now challenged to achieve value beyond just pricing. Due to this, 70% of procurement leaders report that finding more value from suppliers is their number-one tactic to increase procurement’s value in 2019 (Gartner SCM World Future of Supply...