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Nick Andrews is the Founder and managing director of Virtual Operations.  Formerly Partner at Accenture and EY and the founding partner of ALSBridge, Nick is recognized within the Automation industry as a thought leader and as such is a frequent author and speaker with over 8 years’ experience in Process Automation and associated services.
With his Accenture background, Virtual Operations’ philosophy is built around leveraging automation to deliver transformation, process excellence and Digital   enablement. Nick’s approach is that the fastest and surest route to high value Automation delivery is through Client enablement. Nick has been responsible for many of the most acclaimed and transformational Automation programmes in the Automation industry.

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May 29, 2019    0

One of the perennial buzzwords in the Automation Industry is scale. Researchers, providers, industry-watchers and the media in general are focussing on the nirvana of delivering Robotic Process Automation (RPA) at scale. This is most likely because there is less success in the industry than was expected…far less. (...