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Posted: 02/25/2016 - 22:37

I always find it gratifying when a dormant project is resurrected: it means that effort already exerted (perhaps a while beforehand) has not after all been wasted, and that what seemed a good idea at the time continues to seem so some time down the line. With this in mind, I’m delighted to announce the (re)launch of our Outsource Talks webinar series, our attempt to bring the “chat show” format to the outsourcing space.

Each month (the third Wednesday of every month, to be specific) I’ll be sitting down with four or five luminaries from different corners of the community, to discuss what’s hot (and what’s not) for them in a series of short one-on-one interviews, before throwing the panel to the mercy of the audience for some general Q&A in the second half of the show. This is intended to be informal yet informative, light-hearted yet enlightening, relaxed yet really, really unmissable; I hope that you’ll quickly come to block off an hour each month to attend what will, even in the very worst case, be a very amusing webinar…

For Episode 1 (3pm GMT/10am EDT, Weds March 16: REGISTER HERE) I’ve put together a stellar lineup: Alsbridge MD Mike Slavin; ‘Outsourcing Conundrum’ author Damian Scallon; infosec expert Mike Gillespie; governance don Mike Beals; and SIG’s very own Dawn Tiura. Each of those guests will have a few minutes on their chosen topic/s – but then it’s over to you, the audience, to grill them on the subjects you see as being foremost right now. If you’d like to get questions over in advance to the team (which may of course prompt a response outside the webinar) feel free to send them to me at jliddell@sig.org and I’ll try to incorporate as many as possible.

The second Outsource Talks will be taking place April 20 live from the SIG Global Executive Summit in Orlando, Florida, with panellists taken from the speaker lineup at that event; for the May webinar and onwards, I’m still recruiting panellists, so if you’d like to be considered (or you know someone who would) please drop me a line at the address above and we’ll talk.

I hope as many of you as possible can join us next month for what I’m absolutely certain will be a fantastic webinar; fingers crossed it goes as smoothly as possible! See you there…


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