Make webinars, not war

Posted: 06/17/2016 - 01:41

Those of you who were unable to attend yesterday’s Outsource Talks webinar – and, sadly, there are well over 7 billion of ye poor unfortunates – missed possibly the best installment yet, with four of outsourcing’s finest coming together to discuss our writing competition, GBS, the value of education and networking, analytics – and, mostly, RPA and its transformative impact upon the global outsourcing space.

One of my favourite aspects of the Outsource Talks series is that you never know at the start which way the webinar’s going to go: the topics for our one-to-ones in the first section are agreed in advance but when we get to Q&A in the second half it’s anyone’s guess – though yesterday, with half of the panel – both Richard Jones (of Genfour, Proxima and many more) and Paul Morrison (of Aecus) – opting to address RPA in their solo spots, it was perhaps not surprising that robotics came to dominate the discussion – with our other two panellists (Atul Vashistha of NeoGroup and SIG University’s Mark Pollack also both contributing sterling work in this field.

As is customary with these write-ups I’m not going to go into much detail about what was discussed, because you can hear it for yourself: the recording of yesterday’s webinar is now live and can be accessed here. Suffice it to say that if you want an excellent overview of the RPA space right now and what its ramifications are for the outsourcing industry and business as a whole, you need look no further… Even if RPA’s not your thing, hearing from these four most esteemed panellists is a pleasure in its own right, so settle down with a mug of cocoa/frighteningly potent martini according to preference, and enjoy Outsource Talks #4 in all its recorded glory.

Time waits for no webinar, of course, and with yesterday’s panel bid a fond farewell we shift our attention to next month’s installment, featuring another raft of industry grandees: BLP’s Mark Lewis, Alsbridge’s Mario Vollbracht and long-time BPO advisor (and Outsource columnist) Howard Spode taking their places on the metaphorical sofa. It promises to be another fascinating encounter – so register here and clear your diaries for 3pm UK/7.30pm India/10am Eastern/7am Pacific on July 20 for Outsource Talks #5. I look forward to seeing all 7 billion+ of you there this time round…

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